If you have been taking care of everyone but YOU, 
it's time to ReBoot your Body, Mind, and Soul, so you can keep on loving and giving.


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Born horse-crazy and surrounded by four-legged friends my whole life, I faced my scariest ”rodeo” yet when my husband of thirty years was diagnosed with a fast-growing, terminal brain tumor.

Life suddenly spun into the chaos of doctor’s visits,
an endless deluge of information, and many unimaginably tough decisions.

Fortunately, my decades of experience rehabilitating horses with a holistic approach had prepared me to make each step a little smoother for Reid and, with the help of a team of allies, keep him alive for nearly five years beyond the doctor’s predictions.

After helping him beat the odds and astound doctors, I was compelled to share the secrets of our success with caregivers and others who have suffered a health crisis or loss.

I took a year to fully grieve my loss and reboot my own life before sharing the intimate details of our amazing journey in my book My Toughest One.

Then it was time to fulfill my lifelong dream and buy property in Washington, where I have launched ReBoot Ranch.

It’s a gorgeous place where I can help others Reclaim their Power, Regain their Balance Emotionally and Physically, Rediscover Love and Purpose, and Reboot their Life with the physical, cognitive, and behavioral tools that sustained my husband and me through our difficult journey.

I’m glad you’re here.
I hope you’ll take a look around
and maybe join us for a ReBoot Retreat!