About Me

I’ve always had a big heart for animals and an uncanny ability to nurture and heal, which it seems I inherited from my grandmother; and I’ve always had plenty of opportunity to use it. The small farm where we started our family seemed to attract what my husband called the blind, crippled, and crazy. We always had a unique collection of critters that needed help re-establishing their health, and I became interested in a more holistic approach to horse health and training while teaching my two daughters to ride.

In 2000, with the help of an amazing group of kids called the Red Hot Riders 4-H Club, I introduced Natural Horsemanship at the Central Washington State Fair. The event attracted attention across the United States, following an article in the Trail Less Travelled magazine. For ten years, we travelled and offered demonstrations to teach other kids how to really have fun with their horses.

When a person can influence the behavior of a thousand pound animal and create a relationship based on trust and communication where the horse would rather be with them than anywhere else, it increases their safety and self-esteem in profound ways. In fact, I know that all of my experience with my four-legged friends—healthy or sick, fresh or abused—prepared me to more confidently take on the most difficult ride of my life: caring for my ill husband.

Because my life is and has been an amazing journey, I have developed a knack for creatively solving relationship problems and health issues. I am also an artist, published illustrator, and writer. Oh, and I love painting cowboy boots, which I have found to be very therapeutic.