Welcome to Reboot Ranch

Welcome to Reboot Ranch, I’m so glad you’re here and really excited to be sharing insights and information about how to pamper yourself without feeling guilty while you’re taking care of loved ones.
Rebootin’ is all about helping you reclaim your power to bloom and flourish in your role of wife, mother, grandmother, caregiver etc. To help you find your true, unique self, your joy and passion. Be who you want to be and love the life you’re living.
You’re neglecting yourself. How do I know? Because that’s what we do, that’s what I did. We can’t help ourselves, we don’t even know we’re doing it. That’s what was modeled to us growing up, our mother’s did it, our grandmothers did it.
I almost lost myself, I neglected my health and depleted my reserves while taking care of my husband who had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor. I was just doing my duty as a loving wife, I put everything that was me on the back burner and gave everything I had toward saving his life. I would have given up my life to save his. Some have descibed me as heroic, extraordinary and extremely dedicated but was I?
It wasn’t until after he died that I realized how deep a hole I’d dug for myself. I became painfully aware of how sacrificing myself to that degree not only hurt me but it hurt him too. I started seeing other women in this same boat, in varying degrees but they were everywhere. From the pretty young mother with dark circles under her eyes to the soccermom who’s spinning plates on both hands and her toes. Or the empty-nester who’s doing backflips trying to get her husband’s attention and the silver haired beauty who’s just given up all hopes and dreams, feels useless and is trying to become invisible.
As I regained my strength and perspective, I knew one thing for sure…I was going to help others avoid the pitfalls and blindness that our socially acceptible practice of self abuse invariably causes. I was so sure, that I wrote a book. ‘My Toughest One’ shares our story but my intention was to create a guide to help other caregivers through their toughest one. I also bought a ranch, a dream I’ve had since I was a girl. My desire to help others has propelled me into creating a retreat center where I can provide a beautiful, safe setting that’s conducive to healing and self-discovery. Here at Reboot Ranch I promise to help you reboot your life in any way you wish…Improve your health, repair or re-ignite relationships, find your creativity, reconnect with yourself and nature or find your joy and sense of fun.
I love learning and I love teaching what I’ve learned. I’ve been a coach, mentor, counselor practically my whole life, not professionally and not just for people (horses too)…it’s a gift. I’ll be posting here regularly with wholesome recipes, fun ways to get excercise, tips on how to change your words, attract what you want, how to fill your bucket, stories to inspire and lessons learned but most of all encouragement and permission to pamper yourself guilt-free because afterall, there’s only one YOU.

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